May 17

Ethics Committee Positions

There are positions available on the Ethics Committee. If you are interested, please contact Chairperson Bonnie Brown at to apply.

May 17

Arborist Advice

A professional arborist has been retained to observe our easement trees and advise residents on the proper maintenance of them. This advice is available below.

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May 17

New printable Contacts Table for your Fridge

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May 17

Meeting Minutes: March and April 2011

March: svmarch2011

April: svapril2011

May 17

Commission Meetings

Don’t forget that the Strathmoor Village Commission meets the second monday of each month at First Capital Bank at 6:30 PM. The bank is at the corner of Gladstone Ave. and Bardstown Rd. If you have comments, concerns, or just want to see your commission in action, please attend. If you wish to speak, please contact city clerk, Shiela Kaelin at to be placed on the agenda.

May 08

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Apr 08

Spring 2011 Newsletter is now online.

Spring Newsletter 2011

Mar 31

It’s Spring!

Spring in Strathmoor Village

Spring shows its flowery head in a Strathmoor Village traffic circle.

Oct 15


Please be a good neighbor and don’t leave barking dogs outside, even during the day. Some people work different shifts from you and need to sleep. Also, do not let your dog run loose. Even if your dog is friendly, it is disconcerting to be charged by a strange dog, especially one you don’t know, and even friendly dogs can turn agressive when they sense fear. There is a leash law in The Village (and Metro Louisville) and you will be fined if your dogs are caught running loose.

Oct 11

Strathmoor Village Picnic Pictures