City of Strathmoor Village Commissioner WANTED !!

Our wonderful commissioner, Peggy Preston, will not be seeking an additional term as commissioner, so effective January 1, 2015;  We will have an opening on the City of Strathmoor Village council.  Anyone interested in working with our current commissioners and making our neighborhood a better place;  PLEASE attend the next meeting on January 12, 2015 at the First Capital Bank branch at the corner of Bardstown Road and Gladstone Avenue.  Potential candidates will be briefly interviewed and the selected candidate will be sworn in at that time.  Peggy was responsible for our Neighborhood Picnic and our continuing neighborhood beautification.  More than likely, the new commissioner will take over these roles.

So spread the word…If interested, mark January 12, 2015 @ 6:30pm on your calendar and come and see us.

ALSO—A Big Thanks to Peggy Preston for her years of Great Service !!!

Permit Procedures


Per our City of Strathmoor Village Ordinances;

If you are going to construct, alter, change, erect or in any manner structurally change any building, structure or improvement upon the land in the corporate limits of the City of Strathmoor Village…You must 1st obtain approval and permit from the City of Strathmoor Commission.  This must be accomplished by:

1)       Submitting an outline of the plan, specifications, and proposals to the commissioners during our monthly meeting (2nd Monday of each month @ First Capital Bank).

2)      Once the plan is approved; A check in the amount of $1000.00 must be made payable to the City of Strathmoor Village.  This check will be deposited into our City checking account and held as bond for any damage occasioned during the construction of said improvements or structural alterations to any property owned by the City of Strathmoor Village, including sidewalks, lighting equipment, conduit standards, roads or any other property of the City of Strathmoor Village or upon which it is the duty of the city to maintain. Once the work is done and no damage to City of Strathmoor Village property is noted; The $1000.00 will be returned.

What does this mean???  If you are going to do some work requiring contractors, large trucks/equipment, etc. that could potential damage our sidewalks or tear up the easement;  Come see us @ the next commissioners meeting and we will get you squared away.  COME PREPARED to pay the $1000.00 bond so that your project is not delayed.  If we feel that the bond is not warranted; we’ll let you know.  This process must be undertaken in person @ the monthly commissioners’ meeting.

Strathmoor Village Alert E-Mails

We are always trying to keep our alert system as current as possible…We collected a lot of new names/addresses yesterday @ the picnic.  If you happen to view this webpage and you DID NOT receive and e-mail from our alerts (check your spam folder too) around 12:10pm on Monday, October 20th…Shoot Mark Klein an e-mail.  Here is his address:

Couple of Reminders…

Take a look @ the September 2014 edition of the Strathmoor Village Voice and especially make note of the Waste Management tips on page 3; Good stuff to know for the Fall cleanup season.

And…DON’T FORGET about our picnic on Sunday, October 12th from 4-6pm @ the Strathmoor Blvd. Circle !!